for next year’s group: crucial information

For next year’s group: please do not hesitate to contact us the moment you start this project. You can obtain our e-mail addresses by asking zjenja.

We can give you some very useful advise to kickstart your project and we can give you our solidworks models (a few megabytes per model), so you can start printing straight away.

Getting in touch with the professional musicians will take a long time, so be sure to start this straight away. The pro’s are very cooperative and their input and enthusiasm for this project should not be underestimated!! For them, it is amazing to develop a new mouthpiece that is customized to their wishes and needs.

Furthermore, you should aim to get the first prints out of the Form1 printer the second or third day of your project – maybe just one, so you understand this process. Or if you have a higher-resolution printer by this time next year: use that instead..

Scanning and using meshlab and avizo takes some time to get used to, contact us because we have written down all the steps in a small document. Furthermore: start by taking two hours to read this blog, it will save you from having to ‘invent’ everything and it will save you hours and hours of time.

Finally, once again: contact us.. We will pass on our data and you can use a lot of our findings to make bigger steps! 🙂

Good luck!

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