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for next year’s group: crucial information

For next year’s group: please do not hesitate to contact us the moment you start this project. You can obtain our e-mail addresses by asking zjenja. We can give you some very useful advise to kickstart your project and we can give you our solidworks models (a few megabytes per model), so you can start […]

final presentation, end of our project

For today’s science fair, we started by getting our blog up to date! Once this was all ready to roll, we made a poster, as displayed below The video below shows the testing footage of the past few weeks. Especially yesterday’s meeting with Peter Broekhuizen was very fruitful! Our stand at today’s science fair looked […]

Week 9: reflection

Looking back at the whole process of producing 3D-printed mouthpieces, there were some problems we encountered. The first to be mentioned is the fact that it took us more time than necessary to get hold of the needed software. Besides that, getting familiar with the software and transforming it into a model that we could […]

Week 9, Monday: testing the 3D-printed mouthpieces

After several try outs of printing out the mouthpieces we managed to produce several variations both for the alto and bariton mouthpieces. The alt mouthpieces turn out to be to thin and are not expected to be useful. They also turn out to be really fragile, so that some of them were damaged when we […]

testing tomorrow! (tuesday science fair)

Tomorrow, we will be testing our mouthpieces with Peter Broekhuizen, a musician of Artvark Saxophone Quartet! The day after, we will be showing last month’s work at the science fair.  Feel free to come by to have a look on tuesday, we will be in the hall of the IDE Faculty of TUDelft all afternoon. Science […]

week 8, thursday: 16 customized and printed mouthpieces

This post is quite a long story, in which we will tell you about the progress of this week, after reflecting on the first stages of this project. We will also give you an idea of how much time the steps in this project will take you. This week, we had two solidworks-models that were ready […]

Week 8, Monday

This week we plan to work on the actual mouthpieces. We had the chance to meet up with Valerio Lorenzoni, an aerospace engineering student (as it had been mentioned earlier) and discuss some directions towards potentially, useful modifications. Valerio himself got the chance to show us some 3D-printed mouthpieces and demonstrated the modifications he made with […]

Presenting our progress

The same Tuesday morning, there was very little time to inspect our first print. A crowd of people was waiting to hear about our progress! We presented to them what we accomplished and pointed out the work that still has to be done. A pleasant surprise was the presence of Valerio Lorenzoni, an Aerospace-engeneering PHD and saxophone […]

Tuesday mornin’ blues


first print! tuesday morning

    This morning, a 3D printer gave birth to our first mouthpiece.. Still lots of work to do, but it looks like a mouthpiece 🙂     A look inside our first prototype: